Every person has something they truly excel at, something they struggle with and, most likely, a skill that makes them stand out from others. To build a rock star team, we must know each employee’s strengths, weaknesses and hidden talents.

Just like in an orchestra, each person plays to his or her strengths. But say, for instance, a flute player has a hidden talent—he can blow any trombone player out of the water. Sure, he’s competent on the flute, but the orchestra would have much more success if he were only playing the trombone.

You may say that in the real world, that would never happen. Why didn’t that person audition for the correct position in the first place? Sometimes, all that matters to a player (or an employee) is getting a foot in the door. That person may think, “At least I’m in the orchestra. Maybe when the trombone player retires, I’ll take over.” There could be a thousand reasons why this person isn’t playing the trombone. The point here is that there is a hidden talent that could really benefit the entire group, if only the conductor knew.

You may hire someone based on one talent but discover other talents later. Leaning upon and using your team’s talents creates a certain type of culture in the office. It lets them know you care about not only the office’s growth but also about growth on an individual level. When you explore their talents, your team feels anchored. They feel challenged. You may have to compensate them for their time, but its well worth it, considering how happy and appreciated your team will feel when they know they’re valuable to you.

Every person will contribute something unique to your office. In order to tap into everyone’s unique abilities, you must have conversations. Have an individual meeting with each person to discuss what he or she feels his or her strengths and weaknesses are. Most importantly, talk about any hidden talents they feel they have.

This is not necessarily your responsibility to do—after all, we’re trying to take tasks off of your plate! Your office manager can handle this part perfectly well. Just be aware, though, of the skills and talents so you can fully utilize each person.

As a jumpstart, here are some potential questions to ask and get going:

  • Are you a wiz at building an Excel spreadsheet?
  • Do you have major proofreading skills?
  • Were you in the math league in high school? Can you crunch numbers with ease?
  • Do you have creativity pouring out of your fingertips?
  • Can you organize like no other?
  • Do you love throwing parties?

Using these questions and more, get together with your core team and start brainstorming ways to utilize these talents. Try and come up with at least two uses for each talent. Once you have information, don’t be surprised if you find yourself looking for new and powerful ways to utilize these talents to grow your practice’s culture.