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Our Vision

Who are we?

Dino Watt.com is a private practice business and relationship mentoring company. Since 2009 we have focused on creating vision based leaders, value based teams and magnetic cultures in small to medium business. We believe all practice owners can and should have the ability to serve their community while growing in their genius. With the right mindset and business management training systems they can make love and work meaningful.

Our Strategy:

We believe that private practice owners can create cultures, brands and raving fans by focusing first on the relationship with themselves, second designing a magnetic culture and providing a unique customer experience. We provide relationship based strategies and training for business management that create more peace to the owner, more productivity from the team and more profit in their business.


Our Clients are typically professional practice owners who want to scale their influence and success inside their business, their family and their industry.

Our Team Vision

Professional coaching and mentoriing from Dino helps our clients have more peace, productivity and profit in their personal and professional lives. Our team is committed to celebrating our individual genius while supporting the growth of the collective. We win together or we loose together. We work in an exciting, challenging, educational and over all FUN environment…even when we are not in the same space. We focus on self improvement first, time with those we love then business. Business management training provides relationship based strategies to create more productivity, positivity and profit.

Our Goal

Reverse the direction of divorce, addiction and suicide amongst private practice owners by helping them become better leaders, influencers and lovers.

Our Core Values

Create Random Acts of WOW-ness, Take Chances, Focus on “Flow” Rather Than “Balance”, Do What You Do Best, Farm out the Rest, Embrace Feedback, Be Inquisitive, Provide Solutions, Be Profit Focused, Look For the Best, Bring the Joy, Honor the Journey, Act from Your Highest Self


Our Team

Dino Watt

Dino Watt

The Relationship Expert, President, CEO, Body Language Expert, Master Mentor

Dino Watt was born and raised in southern California. It was there, at the age of 5, where he first met his wife of over 20 years, Shannon.

Dino has always had a passion for improving relationships and realized early on in life that everything he ever wanted or has is due to his relationships with other.

While mentoring a client through his ground breaking program The Business of Marriage, the client asked if Dino had any programs that would help him strengthen the relationships in his Orthodontics practice the way he helped him in his marriage? From that simple conversation the CORE business management training program was born.

From his early days as a dancer for Disney to managing a department at Nordstrom, producing his own pre-Youtube web show and now as The Relationship Expert for the last decade, Dino knows how to show people how to get what they want if they just focus on strengthening their relationships. The creation of the CORE business management training program has given Dino’s clients a systematic way of honing over 25 years of experience for the benefit of his clients.

When he’s not working, Dino loves to go to the movies with Shannon, play golf with his son, roller skate with his daughters, and he never met a bowl of chips and salsa he didn’t like.

Steve Shields

Steve Shields

High Performance Coordinator

Steve is a well known trainer, teacher, speaker, civic leader, and business owner with over 20 years of dynamic leadership, sales, marketing, and operations management experience. Steve currently consults executive decision makers with some of the largest regional financial institutions in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest where he manages relationships with companies that generate over $6 billion a year in business. With his trademark enthusiasm and broad base of knowledge, including an MBA from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah, Steve makes the complex understandable.

Jessica Brown

Jessica Brown

Administrative Coordinator

Jessica is part of our administrative support team. She has worked in executive administration, including digital marketing, supporting high level online entrepreneurs with their business management. Jessica enjoys creating organization out of chaos through utilizing her experience with strategy and process creation. Jessica lives in southern California with her husband and two children, where they all love spending time together in the sunshine.

Shannon Watt

Shannon Watt

Body Language Expert / Master Mentor

Shannon has been an entrepreneur her whole life. She began with a successful career as a massage therapist for 10 years, and then began her own scrapbook company, selling handmade papers from India & Thailand. Her business became so prominent that she sold it to one of the largest distributors in the industry. After working successfully with Dino in their real estate investing business, she joined him in creating The Business of Marriage class, and eventually their parent company, Our Ripple Effect, Inc.


Who are you?

My name is Dino Watt, The Relationship Expert. I am an award winning mentor, a passionate entrepreneur and most importantly, a P.H.D.: Passionate Husband and Dad.
My company is Our Ripple Effect, Inc. My goal is to help make generational change in my clients’ homes and business through improving their relationships. For the last decade, I have focused my practice on helping high-income producers replicate their business success into their personal lives.

Are you a consulting company?

The most general term people use to describe what we do is “consulting,” but we see it as much more than that. Our focus is to go beyond typical consulting and become our clients’ go-to resource for all things business. Far beyond what our CORE program provides, our clients also gain the added bonus of our passion for learning all the current and most effective ways of marketing, advertising and business best practices so you don’t have to. Many of our clients consider us mentors or coaches, because instead of giving you a few good ideas or strategies, we become an invisible and invaluable part of your team.

How does this program differentiate from other practice management programs out there?

Our program is not a practice management program. We do what we do because we think most “practice management” programs are missing the mark and quite frankly, making you work harder than you have to for the results you want.
We are a relationship management company. We are the only company out there that actually focuses primarily on the relationship management your business. We know that the practices who focus on relationships first find that the practice management challenges tend to take care of themselves.

You talk a lot about creating a culture. Why is creating a culture important?

It’s actually sad that I have to answer this question more often than I imagined when I started out. Everything you are experiencing in your practice is due to the culture that has been created. Good or bad. Weak or strong, all of your results stem from the culture you have created, intentionally or unintentionally. If you are not getting the financial results you want, we can show you why that is based upon your culture.
If you aren’t getting the type of clients you want or clients who would as partners with you in their treatment, we can show you why, based upon your culture. If you aren’t attracting the team you want, we can show you why, based upon your culture.
A strong and powerful culture is at the helm of every successful company in existence. Even if you are a small practice, you can create a culture that gains the same results as a Disney, Nordstrom’s or Apple.

How much more is this going to put on my “To Do” list?

Our goal is to show you how to take more things off of your plate, not add more to it. When you follow our plan, you will quickly see how more effective you can be as a leader and business owner by only focusing on the few things only you can do and let others pick up the parts you don’t need to. With just a few simple systems in place, you will finally be able to focus on what you want to…being the professional.

How long does it take to see results?

The truth is, it all depends on your engagement level. Your commitment to the process is key. Does it happen over night? Not usually. It probably took you a while to get to the place you are, so we might need a month or two to start feeling the new structure.
However, because of the way we approach the shifts with your team, most offices see positive results, especially when it comes to their team comradery and excitement within just weeks.
One of our big hairy promises we make is that we guarantee that if you follow our plan, you will double your investment in 12 months or we will continue to work with you on our dime until you do.

How do I get my team to be on board with the ideas in the program?

This is a great question and one we get a lot. So many doctors have become emasculated and have grown tired of learning some new method or system they want to implement, only to be either shot down or overrode by the majority “staff” members.
We show you how to enroll and empower your team into this new line of thinking. We show you specific ways to get them excited about what you are doing. Helping you create a culture that is excited to embrace the small but powerful and positive changes that will take place.

What are the typical results you see?

We have been so honored to watch our clients completely shift their culture for the better or improve upon the one they had, some to the tune of multiple six-figures. Can we guarantee that? Of course not.
We will guarantee this: You will learn more than you thought you would. You will have stronger relationships that you thought you could. You will be a better leader than you believed you could be.

How is the training taught?

We are so lucky to live in the technological time that we do. Most of our training is done via Skype, phone, or other videoconference means. Most of our programs come with a quarterly live workshop where we come to your office and train the entire team.

Who won’t this program work for?

If you think you have seen it all, tried it all or that you already know it all, then this program is definitely not for you.
If you think it’s all “their” fault and that you have no accountability as to the state of your business, please take the free information on this site and let that be the last of our interaction.
If you think that things only work for some people and that you can’t have what you want in your business, then we are not a match.
If you use your age, sex, location, background, marital status, history, education, pedigree, hair color, eye color, skin color, or any other reason that you can’t get want you want, then please keep moving along.

What is the best way for me to see if this is right for my practice?

We have a variety of ways you can engage with us. From just signing up for our email list where we send you our 5 set videos series to requesting a Discovery Session, it’s all up to how quickly you want to see results. The Discovery Session is a no obligation, 45 minute opportunity for you to ask questions, learn more about us and get some on the spot ideas as to how you can improve upon what you are currently doing. Our goal for each session is to give you way more value than you imagined.