Why This Tech CEO Keeps Hiring Humanities Major – Fast Company
“At my company, as at many tech companies, developers only make up 15–25% of our workforce. While tech businesses are booming, many of the jobs waiting to be filled require broader skill sets than just great engineering chops. And in my experience anyway, the truly irreplaceable jobs—not just of the future but of the present—are the roles that intermingle arts and science. My employees with humanities backgrounds regularly show they’re willing to learn new skills and try new things.”

The CEO Of Barstool says she measures job candidates’ responsiveness by texting them at odd hours on the weekends – Business Insider
“Here’s something I do,” she said. “If you’re in the process of interviewing with us, I’ll text you about something at 9 p.m. or 11 a.m. on a Sunday just to see how fast you’ll respond. The maximum response time she’ll allow: three hours. It’s not that I’m going to bug you all weekend if you work for me,” she said, “but I want you to be responsive. I think about work all the time. Other people don’t have to be working all the time, but I want people who are also always thinking.”

The CEO of a 50$ billion company explains why big-ticket deal making has dropped – Business Insider
“For big drugmakers that want to grow their businesses, acquiring smaller companies with one or two products is often a way to ensure that happens. But there has been a slowdown in mergers and acquisitions recently — pharmaceutical acquisitions in the first quarter of 2017 were down 35% from the same period two years ago. Total US M&A volume was flat in the first half of 2017 against the first half of 2016, despite record highs in the stock market and a perceived bump in CEO confidence.”

CEO Blake Irving on How to Be a Boss – Forbes
“Blake Irving has very clear plans for the future of GoDaddy, the $7.3 billion technology company that he runs as chief executive. I interviewed the former Microsoft and Yahoo! executive about GoDaddy, the future of work, the state of small business, why his door is always open, his best business advice, why he wears t-shirts and shorts to the office, and what’s on his Spotify playlist.”

This CEO’s Viral Email is a Master Class in Great Leadership – INC.
“It’s all thanks to a conversation sparked by an email one CEO wrote that went viral. Washington Post called it the “mental health email shared ’round the world. Olark developer Madalyn Parker sent an email to her team letting them know she was taking a couple sick days to focus on her mental health. CEO Ben Congleton responded to Parker.”