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How A Few Minutes Of ‘Me Time’ Can Make You A Better Wife – Engaged Marriage
“When you’re stressed and in a constant battle with your to-do list, the last thing on your mind is your relationships. However, in the midst of it all and other things that life seems to continually throw at us, is our partner. Despite the fact that they so obviously want to be with us – after all, they married us, sometimes we can forget the fundamental aspects of being in a relationship.” 

Why my Husband Infuriates Me – Psychology Today
“We humans have blind spots. It is often hard for us to see our own failings, but it can be very easy for us to see what’s wrong with other people. The people around us, particularly our spouses, are like mirrors. We see clearly what we don’t like, but we get it backward. Martha Beck cleverly calls this charming human propensity “You spot it, you got it.”  Psychological projection (in its many forms) is a defense mechanism first conceptualized by Sigmund Freud. His daughter, Anna Freud, later developed the theory. The Freuds posited that we often deal with the thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings that are hard for us to accept in ourselves by attributing them to someone else.”

How to Deal With Your Partner’s Ex – Psychology Today
“Supporting communication with your partner’s ex is best for your relationship. When you come into a relationship in which your new partner had a family before you, particularly when there are kids involved, it is profoundly important to recognize how jarring it is to bring a new person into this system. Even though it was a dysfunctional system, there are so many emotions swirling around your partner’s previous relationship that it can be a confusing process for your partner and their ex to discover their new roles.”

Seven Events That Can Make or Break Your Relationship – The Goodmen Project
How you and your wife or husband handle seven events may be a predictor of the longevity of your love. Regardless of how close you may feel with your love until you and your wife or husband have gone through these seven major events, you are circling the periphery of really learning each other. You may wonder, what if we went through a death together…I know my sweetheart would amaze me with their sensitivity. When in fact, how your lover acts in the reality of the situation may run contrary to what you’ve envisioned. These seven events may even be relationship predictors.”

What Men Want More Than Sex But are Terrified to Admit – The Goodmen Project
“It’s been a long journey to accepting the truth that my desire for this is a primal element in my desire for sex. My recent article, “The One Thing Men Want More Than Sex” has garnered more than 400,000 readers on the Good Men Project and my own site, MenAlive.com. Given the responses I received, it is a topic that resonates deeply with men and women. Since I only write about things that I’m interested in, I’ll say truthfully that I’ve been obsessed with sex since I was a very young boy. “