4 Business Essentials Worth Outsourcing – INC.
“As a business owner, it’s important to know when it is time to outsource. These four essentials are a good place to start. Business owners face many challenges every day, but one of the biggest difficulties is determining the smartest and most effective ways to spend your time and money. Here are some business tips that you can learn from.”

The 5 Key Components of Rapid Business Growth – Entrepreneur
“Make sure your business doesn’t become another statistic by following these growth tips. Every new business owner wants to achieve one goal — rapid growth. Successful growth in the early stages of a business can help it avoid these eye-opening SBA stats. Half of new businesses do not survive past the five-year mark.  Only a third are still in business by year 10.”

Millenials, 10 Reason You Need to Start a Lifestyle Business – Forbes
“Millennials are known for being unengaged at work. Which has ultimately been linked to Millennials overall dissatisfaction with their jobs? Most are seeking the elusive work-life balance, but it seems to start a lifestyle business may be the answer to Millennials dissatisfaction in the workplace. Furthermore, unlike a startup, which tries to grow rapidly and generate significant profits, a lifestyle business doesn’t focus on large financial gains, instead, its goal is to support the owner. Lifestyle business owners typically value time over money and are seeking an opportunity to achieve the work-life balance they desire on their own terms.”

Dave Ramsey’s Budgeting Tips for Small-Business Owners – Entrepreneur
America’s foremost personal finance guru weighs in on small-business budgeting. An entrepreneur has an affiliate partnership with Hurdle so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase. We were able to chat one-on-one with Ramsey to get his wisdom on how small-business owners can boost their profit and peace of mind with simple budgeting strategies. Here are some of the Business tips for small-business owners.”

3 Companies You Should Emulate If You Want to Bootstrap Your Business – Entrepreneur
“Why it’s okay to say ‘no’ to venture capital money. There is plenty of hype in startup circles these days. But despite the whispered sightings of mythical beasts, there are no make-believe creatures that I know of. So, can we stop talking about unicorns? I want to hear about workhorses. Here are a few companies that found success by bootstrapping their own business.”