Core Foundations Webinar

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“Discover how to recognize the leadership leaks in your office and the business skills no one taught you in school, so that you can enjoy your practice again, enroll a peak performing team and explode your profits.”

How big do you want your practice to grow? What is your business vision? If your practice is stagnant and not experiencing growth you may not know how to prevent revenue and client loss. Luckily, practice management consultant Dino Watt is here to get your business back on track with his practice management consulting and business leadership training through the Core Foundations, a healthcare leadership Webinar. If you are serious about attracting new clients and creating a sustainable practice, then Dino’s webinar is for you.

During Dino’s healthcare leadership webinar you will learn about the keys to running a profitable practice that is continually growing through the acquisition of talented employees and a steady stream of loyal patients. You will learn how to unlock your true potential as a business owner and practitioner, establishing a memorable customer experience, attracting talented team members, and impressing new patients. You will also discover the secret weapons that are missing in your marketing and management techniques.

Would you like to start being a business owner rather than a business operator? Check out Dino Watt’s Core Foundations Healthcare Leadership Webinar to learn about his system of business consulting and leadership training tools.

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