How Entrepreneurs Can Stay Ahead In A Rapidly Changing World – Forbes
“Ten years ago, entrepreneurs did not have access to a wide host of social media outlets, cheap text campaigns or online tools to really target specific markets. With the current market, not only is advertising deeply focused, more people are able to take part, meaning that competition for investors and for market share is just that much harder. Internationally, people are establishing their own companies or brands online, and finding deep success.”

These Powerful Women CEO’s Know How To Put Technology In its Place – Forbes
“One of the biggest challenges many of us face is managing our technology. This can be trickier for women who tend to be taskmasters and caregivers, handling things like doctor’s appointments, elder care, the school play, high school admissions, and travel arrangements. Technology makes this kind of work easier to do (especially during a lunch break), but then we fail to do other things like connect with colleagues and clients, take a walk, or even eat. Then — poof —break time is gone.”

7 Steps To Compromising Effectively as a Business Leader – Entrepreneur
“As an entrepreneur, you’ll likely be involved in multiple types of negotiations and discussions: You’ll argue with your partners about upcoming business decisions. You’ll negotiate salaries with your newest employees. You’ll create mutually agreeable contracts with your clients, and you’ll attempt to resolve complaints both within and outside your organization, especially as you gain more exposure.”

A Good Entrepreneur Evolves Over Time – Entrepreneur
“Some Lessons are best learned through personal experience. Make the most of yours, and seek out mentors who can share their stories.”

How One Teen Entrepreneur  Is Righting History – Entrepreneur
“When high school student Jason Tifford learned about Teachers Righting History, he knew he had to get involved. The project highlights historic American women in schools around the country. Teachers Righting History is one of several “Righting History” projects led by former Treasurer of the United States, Rosie Rios, as part of her Empowerment 2020 initiative. They sat down with Jessica Abo to talk about how students can hone their entrepreneurial skills today to become tomorrow’s leaders.”