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Five Ways Your Partner Can Help You Stay Cheerful – Psychology Today
“Count me among the mighty fortunate (or smart): I picked an excellent partner who understands and respects my introversion. He always has, intuitively—he’s part introvert himself—but since I’ve started writing about introversion and learning more about it myself, both of us have become clearer on how to avoid (gender-neutral) Bitchy Introvert Syndrome (BIS). You know what I mean—that testy, prickly attitude we can cop when we’ve completely depleted our energy stores with too much interaction.”

How We Get Close and How We Push Each Other Away – Psychology Today
“The experience of intimacy is complicated and easily misunderstood, for new lovers as well as those in committed relationships. Most relationship partners have had the experience of misinterpreting the motives and desires of their lovers at times. Every person defines intimacy differently, and incorrect assumptions between romantic partners are all too common.”

What Happens When Partners Fight Chronic Pain Together? – Psychology Today
“If you’ve ever been in pain, you know how it can affect our relationships. Whether it’s an infected tooth, a headache, or anything else, we’re not our best at relating to the people around us. For those dealing with chronic pain, the toll on relationships can be severe. Both partners tend to suffer as the pain takes center stage, crowding out other parts of life.”

Why Love is Never as Nice as it Should be – The Good Men Project
“Our relationships are often not quite as warm and perfect as they should be. That’s perhaps because we’re comparing them with a relationship in the past to which they shouldn’t – in fairness – ever be compared.”

Eight Tips to Help Your Partner Listen to Feelings – Psychology Today
“Starting a complaint with, “I know you love me and would never knowingly do anything to hurt me. So it’s hard for me to say this and it may be hard to hear, but the other night when we were at the party… ” can make your message easier to hear.”