Common Qualities of People Who is Happy and Successful Relationships – The Goodmen Project

“In a world where deceptions are more prevalent than any other feelings, having a partner who’s as much deeply in love with you when you are with them, is nothing at all less than a blessing. Getting a loving partner forever means that you will lead a happy life always, and realizing that is a huge stress reliever.”

Why Your Relationship Isn’t As “Complicated” As You Think – Psychology Today
“In a perfect world — the kind of world I want to live in — relationships aren’t like the one’s available today, where the word “commitment” is an anathema. Or where true love can dissolve over a single text message (or one not sent). Or where the label, “it’s complicated,” deceives a generation of hopelessly devoted romantics into thinking an ill-fated relationship will last.”

5 Ways Couples Reconcile After Fight – Psychology Today
“Psychologists from the US have found that there are five tactics for resolving the romantic conflict that is judged to be most effective by men and women.Conflict is a common feature of romantic relationships. Even in the idealized world of Hollywood movies, the standard plotline of a romantic comedy follows a couple taking their first tentative steps toward a relationship (Act 1), navigating their first major conflict (Act 2), and resolving that conflict to “live happily ever after” (Act 3).”

What Helps People Live Long and Satisfying Life? – Psychology Today
“During our trip, we went to a dinner show featuring Celtic Dancers.  At our table were three other couples.  We all began talking about why we selected Ireland.  I said we were celebrating our 30th anniversary. One California couple said they had been married for 38 years.  The next California couple had been married 44 years, and the last couple from New Zealand had been married 54 years!  Thirty years seemed like such an accomplishment, but the other couples had managed even more.  I was almost stunned, and I was curious to ask what helped couples get that far.  Before the show began, we briefly discussed what made their marriages work.”

The Allure of Forbidden Relationship – Psychology Today
“Forbidden relationships can take many forms: parents may forbid their children from engaging with certain friends or significant others; friends or family members may disapprove of our relationship partners; or we may fall in love with a coworker, supervisor, or someone who is already committed to a serious relationship. The obstacles to these relationships may be explicit or implied, but these obstacles may actually serve to strengthen our forbidden relationships.”