Finding a partner you love is not an easy task. Are you confident to find the partner you love? Will you change your “type” to match the partner you will find? 

Finding a Partner You Love, and Loving the Partner You Find – Psychology
“Of course, we are all free to desire whatever we want in a partner. However, when it comes to starting a real relationship, most of us are constrained. When you choose a partner, that partner must also choose you.”

One Simple Trick for Attracting Your Perfect Partner – Psychology
“When you’re single and ready for a new love in your life, it’s natural to daydream about your perfect mate. You’ll likely dream about what he or she looks like, sounds like, or even smells like.

Likes Attract – Psychology
“The likes-attract hypothesis may also explain how similarity within couples arises. According to the likes-attract hypothesis, individuals relate self-perception on one trait to the selection of that same trait in a potential partner (Buston & Emlen, 2003). Therefore, when selecting a mate, we would show a preference for individuals with traits similar to our own. Those who are endowed in a particular trait will make strong demands for the same trait in the opposite sex.”

Love in the Workplace? Yes! – Psychology
“Love simply takes on a different form but it is still love. Love will often be expressed differently at home and in one’s closest relationships, perhaps with hugs, kisses, and loving touch.”

Making Friends: There’s An App For That – Psychology
“Technology is changing the way we build and maintain our relationships. Depending on who you ask, this is either an exciting opportunity or a barrier to real, meaningful conversations and connections. Regardless of which camp you’re in, there’s no denying that it has significantly impacted our ability to connect with people.”