In the world of rapidly developing business where every leader, entrepreneur and business professionals sought to be on top of their industries, staying up-to-date and keeping a team who are innovative helps you to avoid being left behind and advance from your competitors. Every organization has what we call innovative potential. They all have the capability to innovate but oftentimes, they don’t realize it. As the CEO, you must put a stake in the ground that no matter what, you are going to devote the time and resources to unlock the company’s innovative potential. As a leader, are you confident enough with your team’s performance? Discover how to unleash more of you team’s innovative potential on this blog.

5 Tips for an Effective Team Retreat – Entrepreneur

“You have crafted a superstar team, but even the most talented employees need time away from their work. Downtime is a universal reset on problems at work.Every company can benefit from an opportunity to come together and bond as a team. Coworkers need to refocus on their priorities and goals, and distance themselves from the realities and challenges of their day-to-day working life. A team retreat is an excellent, but often underutilized, team-building tool. Interacting in a new environment leaves the team refreshed and ready to hit the ground running when they return to work.”

How We Get Close and How We Push Each Other Away – Entrepreneur
“The way we have been measuring the impact and influence of people is flawed,” says Glenn Llopis, author of The Innovation Mentality. If your business is at a standstill, it is time to disrupt the status quo and evaluate the health of your company culture differently. In this video, Llopis advocates for new growth strategies — ones that focus on diverse individuality instead of treating all people the same.By celebrating diversity of thought and putting population health in the spotlight, you can finally develop growth strategies that will make your business more valuable and successful.”

3 Ways to Get the Best From Millennial Employees – Entrepreneur

“Millennials are a new breed of worker that many managers don’t quite know how to handle. We are a generation that defies the tried and true blue-collar values that have governed the workforce for the last century. We leave those of past generations feeling at the very least perplexed and at the very most disrespected. Read this and you discover Making the whole team effectively innovative as possible”

If Your Employees Can’t — or Won’t — Innovate, It’s Time to Let Them Go – Entrepreneur

“Every organization has what I call innovational potential. They have the capability to innovate, but they don’t realize it. They have the capacity for innovation but don’t know how to unlock it. They think innovation is some mysterious alchemy that is beyond their reach. It is not. There are eight steps any company can use to become an innovative powerhouse.As the CEO, you must put a stake in the ground that no matter what, you are going to devote the time and resources to unlock the company’s innovational potential. Gather the troops together and lay out your plan and your vision. Be very clear that this is not an optional program. Full participation is mandatory.”

3 Tips for Turning Your Entire Team Into Recruiters – Entrepreneur

“Recruiting is a behavior that needs to be taught and learned by your employees.”That’s what Andrea R. Bucci, recruiting manager at Gateway Engineers, a civil engineering firm based in Pittsburgh, recently told my team about her company’s recruitment challenges. Bucci’s observation rings true, but is often overlooked by employers.While recruiting comes naturally to many company leaders, employees may not have the same knack for attracting candidates — both passive and active.This isn’t due to a lack of passion for their careers or companies, but rather a lack of knowledge. They likely do not understand what to look for in job seekers, how to talk about their company without feeling salesy, or even where to find new recruits.”