How to Keep Employees From Losing Sight of the Company Vision – Entrepreneur
“Sure, your company’s mission statement is on your website for all to see . . . but what about your vision? When 3dcart, a Fort Lauderdale-based eCommerce company, started out, the team and the employee was so small, there was no reason to write a formal company vision. Everyone understood the goal and all were able to unite behind it. However, by the time the company had grown to 40 employees, it was clear that newer employees might not have the same appreciation for that founding vision.”

Employee Feedback Is Only Effective If It’s Done – Entrepreneur
“Feedback is sometimes hard to hear and to give, but when given in the spirit of support, it is a gift beyond measure. Giving effective feedback is an essential management skill that can define the trajectory of a person, a team — or an entire project. In a fast-paced work environment like Facebook, where I manage a number of people and teams, I know how easy it can be to give “drive-by feedback.”

Are Your Employees Bowling Alone  – Forbes
“In 2000, Robert Putnam, a professor of political science at Harvard, identified the breakdown in the community in America with his seminal study, Bowling Alone. The supposed metaphor grew from the paradox that Americans are bowling in larger numbers than ever before even while bowling leagues are declining in popularity. Putnam identified and mourned the loss of “social capital,” the glue that binds people together and gives meaning to our civic lives.”

7 Things Great Leaders Do to Keep Employees Happy – The Goodmen Project
“Breaking up is hard to do, and it costs employers time and money. Build your culture around these 7 facts and your employees will be committed for the long haul. n my line of work, I often hear founders complain about employees’ lack of engagement and dedication. It can come as a surprise to learn that such issues often stem from leaders being in the dark about what their employees want and need. It’s not always easy for someone who thinks like an entrepreneur to understand those who don’t.”

Employees Do Care – and How that Helps your Bottom Line – Leading Blog
“OFTENTIMES managers and executives push for organizational change and growth, yet their businesses continue to suffer from profit loss, lack of productivity, a decline in employee morale, and frustration. Why? Is it due to employee ineptitude or apathy? Managers sending the wrong message? The answer to both questions is a resounding “no.” Employees do care about the bottom line, and managers are correct in their message.”