The 5 Best Actions You Can Take to Improve Sales Calls – Entrepreneur

“We’ve all got a ton of digital tools to help us boost brand awareness, attract subscribers and followers and ultimately convince people that our brands have something to address their needs. However, closing the deal still usually depends on a one-on-one conversational interaction — or series of interactions — the traditional sales call.”

The Best Way to Improve from Failure Is to Feel the Pain – Entrepreneur

“What’s the best way to handle failure? Feel the pain. That’s right, instead of simply recalling past mistakes and thinking about how to prevent them, a recent study found that going through the emotional pain of failing is the best approach for correcting your mistakes and preventing future failures. Knowing whats best as an entrepreneur is one of the best way to start a business

Our 5 Best Franchises in the World  – Entrepreneur

“If you’re on this site, it means you may be ready to start working for yourself. And while some are interested in building something from scratch, others are choosing to tap into the power, experience and reach of an established brand by investing in a franchise.That’s why we’ve been breaking down various entries from our Franchise 500 list to help people find the right fit for their investments. However, our Franchise 500 list mostly focuses on which companies would be best for American entrepreneurs. If you want to see which companies have the best brand recognition internationally, though, you should check out the “Top Global” tab on our franchise’s page.”

3 Steps to Increase Your Average Revenue Per Customer – Entrepreneur

“One of the best ways to boost your business revenue is simply to get more money from your existing customers. According to a statistic from Totango, many businesses surveyed spent just 21 percent of their marketing budget on existing customers, even though that group makes up 61 percent of those businesses’ revenue.”

The Best Blogs to Help Entrepreneurs Boost Their Personal and Business Finances – Entrepreneur

“The more information you have, the better the decisions you’re likely to make. That goes for everything in life and business, but it’s especially important when it comes to money. Your financial IQ helps determine the best approach to spending, saving and investing your money. This knowledge can make a massive difference to both your bank account balance and your overall success. Here’s where blogs come in, as a great source of information for growing your financial IQ. They offer information on trends, issues, solutions and tips that can change your perspective — and the strategies you apply to your business and personal finances. Topics span from credit scores, credit cards and loans to savings, retirement accounts and budgets.”