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How to Have a Lasting Relationship that Stays Romantic and Passionate – The Good Men Project

“At the beginning of most love relationships, hormones and brain chemicals flood the body and brain. Many of these hormones and brain chemicals make us act as if we are in a trance. We overlook flaws in each other as well as early warning signs of later relationship problems. Fueled by the feel-good, reward and motivational neurotransmitter dopamine, we feel ecstatic when around each other, we idealize each other, and we just can’t seem to get enough of each other. Lasting passionately romantic relationship tips can be found here.”

7 Dating Tips that Men Wish Women Knew – The Good Men Project

“Since I’ve been working as a therapist with men and women for close to 15 years now, I’ve taken note of some of the interesting things that both genders share about what it’s like to date the opposite sex. I hear stories of abandonment, hurt, manipulation, rejection, as well as stories of excitement, adventure, and discovering love for the first time. There’s never a dull moment in a therapist’s office. Of course, I’m often hearing the deep frustration that women feel about men and how they don’t understand how they operate, or why they do the things they do. But one of the things I’ve always found fascinating is how many men wish that women could understand them better, especially when it comes to dating.”

11 Small Actions That Will Bring You Your HAPPIEST Life Ever – The Good Men Project

“The more we do things that contribute to our own happiness and nurture our essential ingredients for happiness, the happier we are. Plain and simple. But it may not seem so plain and simple at first. That’s because most of us did not learn the recipe for happiness, let alone the essential ingredients. So how could we know how to nurture them? As we learned how to make our bed, tie our shoes, and get our homework done, we trained our focus to such tasks. But most of us were not taught how to wake up in the morning and create a spectacular day for ourselves, the kind that oozes happiness out of every crevice. So today, we teach ourselves.”

8 Qs To Ask If You’re Trying to Decide Whether to Work Harder or End the Relationship – The Good Men Project

“This is a crucial question and it is not always so easy to answer. So many people say, “I love my spouse, but I’m not in love anymore“. Can we fall in love again? Do you even want to? Sometimes we get numb because we are so hurt or we have been so disconnected that we got used to not feeling. Many times we have been simply going through emotions because we want to keep our family together, or we don’t want to hurt our children. It is important to recognize that being numb is different from not feeling.”

10 Things That Happen When You Move In Together – The Good Men Project

Moving in together can be a rite of passage. It’s a big step and if you aren’t ready for it, can really take you back. Then again, who really is completely ready for something you’ve never experienced? Moving-in together will be a totally different experience for every couple, but there are some things that you expect. These are 10 things you can expect to happen when you move-in together.