How to Make Your Relationship Last – The Good Men Project
Romantic love is supposed to happen and then supposed to end. If you are prepared for this then you are not surprised when romantic love ends and conflict begins in the power struggle. The power struggle is supposed to happen and supposed to end too but it lasts longer because most couples don’t have skills for conflict resolution. Real love comes as couples work through these stages and their problems successfully.”

10 Questions to Assess the State of Your Relationship – Psychology Today

“Making a commitment to marry or live together is a big step, understandably fraught with its share of angst about what may come. Here is a list of questions to ask yourself and to ask each other as a couple, a starting point for a conversation to identify your strengths and see where potential problems might lie. You can use this as a way of assessing the current state of your relationship, an exercise to do on your own, or ideally do as a couple. Read this to know how to make your relationship last.

How Likely Is Your Partner to Cheat on You? – Psychology Today
“In their paper in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, Knopp and colleagues review the literature on infidelity and report their recent work looking at predictors for having affairs (Knopp et al., 2017). They note that despite a growing body of research, there is scant data about the role of prior affairs in predicting infidelity over time. They primarily were interested in the factors underlying serial infidelity, and understanding to what degree infidelity in one relationship predicted infidelity in the next. 

Are You Asking The Right Questions In Your Relationship? – The Good Men Project
“In the age of President Donald Trump and political uncertainty, it appears that people truly don’t know the people they’ve been dating, sharing a bed with, or even possibly married to. Recently, stories have come out across social media featuring interracial couples in which one person didn’t know that their significant other was capable of voting for Trump. An article in The Root actually explored this issue anecdotally. The wife in one story, a black woman, said the couple’s arguments became so explosive that she unfollowed her husband on social media and slept in a second bedroom. Learn how to make your relationship last.”

The Ecstasy that Comes with Balance – Psychology Today

““Does anyone not remember the joys of that improvized splinter-ridden fulcrum of Saturday pleasure, the seesaw? The delight in finding someone roughly our own weight, and after getting the board balanced between us, practicing sending them up into the sky, and then being pulled ourselves up to the same dizzying height then down, then up again, augmenting and amplifying these movements by synchronous pushes until we made the board bounce?”