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Have Dino Personally Train Your Team!

Strengthen Team Relationships At Your Doctor’s Office Through Body Language and Communication Skills

Searching for the most effective way to train your team and resolve your doctor’s office communication challenges?
Dino’s 2-day, in-office experience is a great solution!

This visit requires no preparation on your end, and no time off work for you or your team.

Dino Watt is a communications expert that will train your team to powerfully connect with one another, and with your clients.

This communication training in your doctor’s office will strengthen workplace culture, improve conflict resolution, and increase your understanding of body language cues.

The presentation will be customized to your office needs based on your pre-event conversation, and Dino’s personal, in-office culture observations

Whether your office is made up of new team members, Millennials, seasoned vets or a mixture of all the above, everyone will love what they learn and thank you for providing a fun and interactive training.

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An In-Person Office Training With Dino Is Like Nothing You Have Experienced Before!


Dino will fly into your city and observe your doctor’s office or small business for an afternoon. This 3-4 hour observation of your team’s work flow and client relationships will give him an opportunity to evaluate your team communication skills, in real situations, and get a sense of their strengths and areas that need improvement. This will also include an evaluation of the sales process by sitting in on a new patient exam where possible.


Training Day (4-5 Hours)
During this doctor’s office communication training, he will utilize the information gained from the previous day’s observations, and proceed with your personal workplace communication coaching session, to create a highly customized program. The topics and tools they will learn will be immediately actionable, and will positively affect their lives both in and outside the office.


Subjects will include:

  • Creating and maintaining a successful workplace culture.
  • How to automatically attract your “ideal” client.
  • Effective team office communication skills.
  • Learning body language skills to create rapport and raving fans.
  • How to overcome conflict.

…and so much more.

Investing In This Experience Will Be One Of The Smartest Decisions You’ve Made For Your Business.

What are others saying?

This 2-Day Process Is A Highly Effective Way To Create Massive Movement Toward Your Business Goals.
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What’s the typical flow of an office visit? Do I need to take time off?
  • We want the first day to be a normal work day so that Dino can see your team in a work environment. On a non-patient day in the morning, we will commense our doctor’s office communication training.
  • Depending on your location and flights available, Dino typically will arrive in your office around lunch time, and remain for the rest of the day until closing. He likes to observe 2-3 patient intakes, and 1-2 treatment coordinator sales conversations. That evening he will meet with the doctor, typically over dinner, and discuss the workplace culture in more detail. The next morning he will train for 4 hours, and then meet one last time with the doctor during lunch and have a summary discussion about what’s transpired, what are the next action steps and how to move forward on their goals. Dino usually travels home later that afternoon.
  • Many doctors choose to have Dino observe on a Thursday afternoon, and do the team office culture training on Friday morning. However, it can be held any day of the week, if Dino’s schedule permits.
Can I get some personal one-on-one time with Dino without my team?

One of the great aspects of Dino’s overnight visit is it allows him a free evening to meet with you (and your spouse) privately to discuss your business in more depth and flush out your goals for the next day’s training. This one-on-one coaching session with Dino is a highly valuable bonus he offers to you at no additional cost.

Do I need to arrange picking Dino up from the airport?

No, we want this visit to minimally impact you and not add anything to your “To-do” list! Dino will rent a car and drive to your office, and back to the airport.

How should I prepare my team for the visit?

Dino asks that you DO NOT tell your team that he is coming to observe their body language. That will cause them to put on an act that is not natural. We recommend that you advise them that he is just coming as a consultant on team building and processes.

What’s the lead time on booking a visit to my office?

Lead times vary greatly- sometimes as little as a month, often times up to a few months. Typically 6-8 weeks out is a good estimate. For more details, or to check dates, please contact our office manager, Shannon at 801-580-9690.