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Propreneur Intensive Event

The Most Powerful Leadership Training Available
EXCLUSIVELY for Today’s Forward Thinking Practice Owner!

Medical Practice Consulting With Dino
Powerful Leadership Training Program!

  • Tools and strategies to attract more patients, increase revenue and manage your team more efficiently so that you have more time to spend at home with your loved ones.
  • Small group* environments which allow practice owners to focus on their business, develop practical strategies, and implement newly founded knowledge during the event.
  • Take home a list of goals for the coming year, as well as a master plan to delegate roles and responsibilities to your team.
  • Develop knowledge to engage and encourage your team, so they are excited about your vision and advocate for your business.
  • Through this leadership training program learn skills which will positively impact your marketing, sales, and office culture.
  • Discover the secret to forming a stream of loyal and happy patients who pay their bills, refer new clients, and always attend appointments.
  • Uncover the skill set of leadership within, what we lovingly refer to as our MBL – Masters in Business Leadership.

*Enrollment is limited to 15 practice owners per meeting.

Join us for 3 powerful days to propel your practice to the ultimate level.

Leadership Training 2.0

Q. What steps can I take to become a better leader?
While it is important to be a great practitioner, strong and effective leadership skills are the true backbone of running a successful practice. To become a better leader, you have to know your business’ destination, formulate a plan, and understand how to execute it. Prominent leaders recognize the importance of continual learning and self growth. That is the key value of medical practice consulting with Dino Watt.

Signature Culture

Q. How do I empower myself and my team to succeed?
Office culture is one of the keys to running a successful or disastrous business. Depending on how you manage your office culture, employees will either work hard and remain loyal to your company, or fail to meet your expectations. Successful environments are designed and managed well by the business owner. After Dino’s medical practice consulting you will hire based on your R.E.A.L. Core Values, you will attain a team of advocates who are happy and productive, giving you a lighter workload.

Proactive Owner

Q. What can I do to build my legacy practice?
You have built your business and you deserve to have a financial legacy to pass on to your family or co-owner. Many practices suffer from inefficient marketing due to out of date sales practices and an inconsistent cash flow. Your objective should be a profitable practice, and this begins with a CEO mindset. With our medical practice consulting, you will develop a skill set that exceeds your practitioner talents.

Day 1 – Mindset & Culture

Mindset: By adjusting your way of thinking, you can accomplish anything. If you are harboring out of date ideas about practice management, we can help you discover new goals and visions to run your practice more successfully.
Culture: By providing you with new tools and tips, you can create an office culture that helps your team be more productive and happy. You will hire better talent and increase your employee retention rates. Taking the time to be proactive about company culture is the key to running a profitable and long-standing practice.

Day 2 – Operations & Relationships

Operations: Learn cutting-edge strategies to increase efficiency and profitability in your practice. You will develop vital marketing, sales, and client management skills that will make your practice stand out from the competition.
Relationships: Relationships are the heart of running a successful business. We will give you strategies to develop better communication, increase employee performance and retention, and be confident during critical conversations and negotiations.

Day 3 – Excellence & Leadership

Excellence: Having a good practice is fine, but we want you and your team to strive for excellence. We will teach you the skills to transform a competent team into an excellent team through continued mentorship, learning, and culture.
Leadership: After leaving our event, you will understand what it takes to be the true CEO of your company. By developing a proactive leadership style, you will be ready to make improvements and reach your desired practice goals. Running a better company begins with becoming a better leader!

Why Should You Work with Dino?

Dino’s mission is to equip business owners with the necessary tools to run a successful practice, many of which are missing from formal education. His training will give you and your team extensive knowledge about leadership, nonverbal communication, culture creation, and effective sales techniques for today’s economic climate. Dino operates with a personal touch that focuses on getting to know your needs first and then creating a custom plan that addresses your concerns and achieves real results.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee!

We promise you will get more done in 3 days at our event than in 3 months of working your normal daily routine at your practice. We are so confident that you will join our ranks of raving fans, that we will give you a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t feel that you have a better strategy and direction for your practice, I will refund the full price of your ticket.


  • Who can attend this event?

Our event is open to practitioners and one guest. Your guest can be a partner, spouse, or office manager. If you would prefer a whole team training, Dino is available to come into your office and directly observe and train your team.

*more info on scheduling Dino are listed below

  • How is the event structured?

To ensure that you receive the most impact for your business, we limit our events to about 25 people. This allows for you and the group as a whole to maximize your learning time give you the most customized solutions for your practice.

  • What is the schedule?

On Friday and Saturday, we will begin each day at 9 AM, take a lunch break at noon, and finish around 5 PM. On Sunday, we will start the day at 9 AM and finish around 2 PM.

  • Where does the event take place?

All our events are currently held in Las Vegas, NV. We stay in a hotel off the strip, but within minutes of the airport for easy access.

  • Is there a group rate available at the hotel?

Yes, we provide a discount code for the group rate with your reservation confirmation email

  • Are meals included with the event?

During the mastermind event, lunches will be included. We will also do a group dinner at 6 PM on Friday. You will find additional details about meals in your reservation confirmation email. On Saturday night, you are welcome to explore the city and have dinner yourself or join other attendees.

  • Are there other options if I can’t make it to one of the scheduled events?

If you are unable to attend one of our currently scheduled events in Las Vegas, there are two options:

1. Contact our office at dino@dinowatt.com to find out about upcoming dates.
2. Schedule Dino to come and personally observe and train your office.

Reach out to him at dino@dinowatt.com, or contact Shannon, his Office Manager, directly at 801-580-9690

How do we create such amazing results for our clients? We focus on the C.O.R.E:

C- Culture- The most overlooked secret weapon in business is well-designed office culture. Office culture is important to your practice because solid cultures will overcome encroaching competition, price comparisons, and economic fluctuations. In today’s business environment, well-executed and thoughtful office cultures will greatly impact the success of your company.
O- Operations- To truly succeed as a business owner, you must let go of being a business operator. In order to accomplish this, you must understand what will produce the best ROI on your time and productivity. Whether you want to improve your team’s morale or lead with more conviction, a sound operations plan will achieve new levels of success in your practice.

R- Relationships- The true measure of success for any business is the relationships you create. This includes the relationship you have with yourself, your staff, and the clients you serve. By discovering the tools to strengthen these relationships, you can enable your practice to attract an unending stream of talented employees and loyal patients.
E- Excellence- The key to driving change in your practice is looking outside your industry for new ideas, education, and mentoring. Practices that consistently perform well look for the best ways to raise the bar on marketing tactics and office culture. By investing in continual learning and creating a vision for the future, you can inspire yourself and your team to strive for excellence on a daily basis.

Let go of the excuses and move into the business you want:

“I can’t afford to miss 3 days of work, there are too many patients to see.”- While tending to current patients is important, the time you invest working with Dino could exponentially increase the number of clients you bring in this year. Your current workload should not interfere with your endeavor to increase practice growth.

“The office falls apart whenever I am away.”- This is precisely why you need to attend our event! It is time to stop being a business operator and start being a business owner. If you are unable to leave the office for even 3 days, you also probably can’t get away on vacations. By attending our event, you gain the knowledge to create a team that is stronger, self-reliant, and efficient.

“I went to school for XX years, shouldn’t I have this all figured out?”- Ideally, but this is not the case for most practitioners. Your education endowed you with the skills to be a great professional in your field, but the business training was minimal and in most cases, ineffective. By learning to master key business principles, you can enable your practice to stand out and neutralize the competition.

“Can I send a member of my team to attend the event?”- You are welcome to bring a member of your team, but you need to be there right beside them. You are the CEO and the business owner, and your team needs to be led by example.

“Now is not the best time.”- When is it ever the right time to go through great change? There will always be a reason to put off growth and change can be painful, but if you want to move your stagnant business into a successful future, you have to let these excuses go. Developing your skill set as the CEO of your company is necessary to life of your business. For the practice to grow you must take the time to grow.

Now is the time to build a better business!

Register now and you can bring your spouse or office manager at no additional cost.
That’s 2 for 1!

By attending our event, you will enjoy 3 days of results-driven training in a friendly and educational environment.
Dino will address the specific challenges your practice is facing and recommend innovative solutions.
We will provide a detailed workbook that contains essential strategies for thinking bigger and reaching higher.
You will create a comprehensive 12-month plan to grow your practice, stopping profit leaks while inspiring your team to perform.
Our event also provides you with the opportunity to network with other practitioners.