The 3 Most Dangerous Topics in Relationships – Psychology Today
“Forget politics or religion- the big issues are always sex, money and kids. Sex, money, kids. Relationship experts call these the “power” issues. This is where things are never what they seem. The “power” here is less about strength and more about power struggling. This is where couples can start to bump chests, emotionally and verbally fight to the death and ruin their relations with each other. Why?”

Unconditional Love or Daring Lust? – The Goodmen Project
“When we talk of lust, it’s the strong desire to be intimate with another person. Sometimes it can be a mistake waiting to happen. And other times it’s purely a deep admiration for someone. As a singleton, I’ve felt lust but never acted on it. And I’ve found it’s a strange sensation that becomes completely overwhelming. It’s certainly not as beautiful as the love shared between a couple or in any relations.”

Five Elixirs for Revitalizing Love and Intimacy – Psychology Today
“As helpful as the following relationship tonics are, it is very important to first stop infusing the poison!  After all, antidotes work best if the toxins are no longer being administered.  Thus, first and foremost, speak no ill.  That is, no complaining, criticizing, contradicting, and/or controlling.  “The four deadly C’s,” or relationship poisons, that can kill just about any loving connection, no matter how strong and intimate it may be.”

52 Ways to Show I Love You – Psychology Today
“Providing care to a dependent fragile person in need can show love. We are born into this world dependent on others for our very survival, but also in order to thrive. Evolution has guaranteed that an attachment system, initially appearing as the bonding that takes place across so many species, is hard-wired into our capacities. We flourish under the attentions of a reliable other who meets our basic needs for food, shelter, safety and, as Harlow’s monkeys showed us so long ago, warmth and soft touch. We form attachment bonds to that caregiver. “

Can Sweet Memories Neutralize Conflict? – Psychology Today
“When intimate partners fight to win, their conflicts can deteriorate into accusations, invalidations, and character assassination. Repeated such disagreements will both increase negativity and endanger the very foundation partners rely on to keep their love secure. Many couples come into counseling embattled in this way. The level of disrespect and disregard displayed during their fighting shows how far they have slipped into dangerous waters.”