Why Quality Over Quantity Matters When You’re Scaling A Business – Entrepreneur
“Most entrepreneurs, from the time they start their business, think about the prospect of scaling. Scaling is the necessary path to improve profitability, expand your reach and solidify your long-term prospects. So, no matter what your main motivation is to become an entrepreneur, chances are you’ll find scaling highly appealing.”

Feeling the Drain of Business Demands? Focus on These 3 Areas – Entrepreneur
“Have you considered coordinating your nightly bedtime with your partner? Tactics and rituals are the way to stay physically and spiritually healthy. Or is what might be called a portfolio career. We didn’t consciously move toward creating this type of job for ourselves; it just happened. And, we find the variety exhilarating. It’s exciting to discuss buying a building in the morning, speak at a luncheon event at noon, work with clients in the afternoon and end our day with a strategy meeting for one of our businesses. It’s rewarding.”

How Businesses Can Take Action To Support The LGBTQ Community – Forbes
“Businesses voicing their support for the LGBTQ community is undoubtedly impactful, but actually taking action is the true measure of a company’s commitment. Lists of LGBTQ-friendly companies were released throughout pride month to highlight which organizations are on the right side of history, which has repeatedly been shown to be a profitable approach for businesses to adopt as 64% of Americans are more likely to buy from LGBT-inclusive companies.”

The Small Business Community Is Failing to Defend Itself in Washington – INC.
“Four million small business jobs are supported by exports to foreign markets. They work through the supply chains of multinational corporations to tap into new customers or sell directly online and depend on the ebb and flow of international trade and investment more than they may realize. This impacts small business in a huge way–and I’ll get to that in a moment. First, we need some background.”

3 Hot Marketing Trends You Need to Try Now – Entrepreneur
“Marketing is constantly evolving, and while things like email marketing and content marketing will continue to be viable strategies, there are some other, growing trends worth exploring right now. You will never know if something is going to work for your business unless you test, optimize and adjust. If you are looking to make adjustments to your current marketing strategy, consider looking into these three red-hot strategies that are currently on the rise.”