10 Practices Successful Marketers Recommend to Engage Your Audience – Forbes

“The efficiency that matters on how the people understand and apply it.Successful marketing is all about making starting business strategies  engaging your audience members and providing value to them, whether that’s educating them on a topic, entertaining them, or aiming for something in between. Trends in content marketing and in social media affect how you go about accomplishing that goal. For example, there might be some free tools that could make it easier to track your performance or help you reach new audiences. Ultimately, though, it all comes down to engaging the right people — and content marketing is a key tool for doing that. Recently, I was collecting information from a variety of friends, partners, past clients, and other industry leaders to learn more about how they recommend using content to engage your audiences and achieve your marketing goals.”

1 Critical Habit of Successful Innovators, According to a Prolific Startup Investor  – Inc.

“Answer these three questions with the first thing that comes to mind. Who are today’s great living innovator? Where is the most innovation coming from today? Why does innovation matter? Your answers are probably conditioned to keep the status quo–the very opposite of innovation, contends Ross Baird, author of the new book The Innovation Blind Spot: Why We Back The Wrong Ideas and What To Do About It.”

Want to Keep Your Top Marketing Staff? Try These 5 Things  – Inc.

“Ever feel like you’re always looking for marketing hires? Nowadays, the average tenure for digital marketing professionals is 12 to 18 months. These short stints can fly by. To avoid marketing turnover — or leaving empty holes for months — you need to learn how to attract, hire, and retain the right talent for your startup’s marketing team. Unlike big, established companies, your benefits and perks may not be as competitive. In a small crew, you might not be able to provide the same networking opportunities. Or maybe your clients aren’t quite as cool. So when it comes to the recruitment process, what can you do to play to your strengths to minimize your weaknesses?”

4 Tips To Ensure Your Website Design & SEO Is Done Right – Forbes

“Website design and organic search performance are intrinsically linked, which is to say that design has an observable effect on a website’s ability to rank well for relevant terms. This can become problematic for companies with isolated teams, where design and marketing don’t work closely together, or in cases where marketing is only brought onto a project after a site has already been launched. Sites designed without SEO in mind can cause ranking issues down the line. “

When Growth Hacking Isn’t Working, Do This – Inc.

“I’m not a fan of the term “growth hacking”. The very essence of the phrase suggests there are shortcuts that startups can take that will propel them to wild success without having to figure out the block-and-tackle basics of executing a sales and marketing strategy. Short-term tactics can put quick wins on the board, but to win your market for the long term you have to have a strategy for acquiring customers that is both scalable and capital efficient. In my experience, the approach with the highest likelihood of success is to grab the mantle of thought leadership and establish your company as the premier authority on the problem that you solve.”