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5 Habits That Will Power Up Your Marriage – Engaged Marriage

“Power couples know that communicating is more than just “talking” to each other. They are open and genuine in expressing their feelings and needs. They are present in the moment (yes, that means you have to put down the cell phone). They seek to understand first instead of thinking of their next response.”

5 Things Every Man Needs To Do In A Relationship – The Goodmen Project
“What’s more important than starting a relationship? Developing and maintaining one that keeps both partners happy. Not letting things get stale. Keeping it fresh. A good man understands that effort and romance needs to extend far beyond the beginning stages of a relationship. The same effort that it took to get her attention is what it will also take to keep her attention. It might be easier than you think – all it takes is a little effort and attention to detail. Here are 5 ways to keep her happy.” 

4 Simple Tips For Preventing Divorce – The Goodmen Project
“Every day people tell me stories of their struggles with learning that their spouse wants a divorce (or is at least strongly considering it). These people struggle because divorce is the last thing they want. They know that although it takes two people to decide to get married, it only takes one to decide to divorce and that they desperately want to change their spouse’s mind. And so they ask me, “How can I save my marriage?”

Finding A Perfect Partner – Psychology Today
“So how do you know what’s perfect for you today? OK, let’s put away the word “perfect” for now because it’s stupid, overused, and dangerous. And let’s start with the word important. What’s important to you? What matters? Think about all the relationships you’ve been through and all the things you’ve learned from them, about what works, what doesn’t work, what you want, what you need, about love and lust and all your unhealthy patterns. With all that information, ask yourself what’s important to you today?”

A Simple Way To Stop Screwing Up Your Relationship – The Goodmen Project
“Chances are you are doing something that you’re not necessarily aware of that is screwing up your relationships. It’s causing you a lot of pain and discourse with your significant other. This “thing” is the source of nearly every argument, it’s the germination of all resentments, and it ultimately leaves you disconnected with the one you love. The one thing you and I do to screw up our relationships is … we have expectations.”