Every leader desires to have a successful team. But oftentimes the need to make decisions on their own can often lead to failure or disaster. In this blog are tips on how to successfully lead a team without burning yourself out in the process.

The 4-Step Process to Making Sure Deals Never Fall Apart at the Last Minute 3 Ways to Keep Your Employees Data Safe – INC

“Have you ever agreed on something, then one of the other parties brings up the topic again three weeks later? You think, “Geez, we just discussed this and came to an agreement. Why are we going over this again?” Why can’t people stick to a deal? What’s the secret to boosting accountability and increasing responsibility when making agreements? My company recently worked with business coach and executive advisor Tony Papa, director of Impulse Advanced Communications for over 20 years, to find the answer. Papa had developed a simple four-step framework of “discuss, debate, negotiate, and agree” to successfully mediate an agreement between two potential partners. Successful Business Owners manage their company in their own different and unique way.”

A pair of investing startups are in a public spat about the future of real-estate investing – Business Insider

“Silicon Valley and Wall Street are crowded with startups promising small investors better returns and new ways to access markets like real-estate. Now, a disagreement between two of these companies has broken out into the open. The long and short of their squabble has to do with one question: when it comes to real-estate, are investors better off investing in the private markets or using public vehicles?”

If Leaders Encourage This ONE THING They Can Be Wildly Successful – Teamwork Leadership

“It is not uncommon for leaders to get stuck managing from the top down. They see themselves as the only ones able to lead and when decisions need to be made they are the only one to make them. They create a culture of everyone looking towards the leader. When something needs to get approved, everyone looks towards the leader. When someone needs to be held accountable, everyone looks towards the leader. When they need inspiration, everyone looks towards the leader. When things fail, everyone looks towards the leader.”

6 Unique Ways to Get to Know Your Customers – Inc

“To make your business successful, it’s essential to understand who your customers are and what they want and need. Gathering buyer data is useful, but it can only go so far in helping you really get to know them. Sometimes it’s worth going the extra mile to connect on a deeper level with current and future customers. The following six entrepreneurs share the methods they’ve found most effective for getting to know who their customers really are — and explain how you can do the same.”

Your Audience (and Budget) Will Thank You for Bringing Back These Old-School Marketing Tactics – Inc

“With rapid developments in digital advertising strategies, it’s easy for early stage founders to get swept up in the newest, trendiest channels to get their brand out there. But sometimes the past way to move forward is to turn back the clock. Just as in fashion, marketing trends that we think we’ve outgrown have a way of popping up time and time again”