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Timing: Without this One Thing Every Relationship Will Fail. There is never a perfect time to initiate a relationship, but what we can do is to get ourselves ready so that when we meet our soulmates we are well groomed and ready for the next level.

52 Ways to Show I Love You: Address the Conflicts – Psychology Today

“Withdrawal as a method of conflict management in a couple is as effective and risky as withdrawal as a method of birth control: The pleasure of the relationship is profoundly affected in both examples. A Yiddish proverb states “You can’t dance at two weddings with one behind.” At times, conflicts are inevitable. Sometimes, they are hard to resolve. But always they are worth addressing. A productive argument is often the kindest way to show “I Love You”. Calm discussion of a disagreement allows a clearer definition of a problem and is the first step to finding a resolution for a conflict. What you argue about, when you argue, and how you argue all have consequences and determine when and whether arguing can be used as a weapon for power or a tool to enhance intimacy.”

Managing Relationship Conflict: Letting Go of Being Right – Psychology Today

“My last round of blog posts centered on the idea that you can intentionally change your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors around relationships by understanding your attachment style and the styles of the people you are in relationship with. Each attachment style deferentially impacts how you perceive (or ignore) interpersonal threats and challenges, the quality and intensity of your emotional reactions, and the behaviors you enact to defend yourself and regulate your emotions. By focusing on each of these areas of functioning, you can get more of what you want, and get less of what you don’t want, in your relationships with others.”

Looking for Love in All the Right Places – Psychology Today

“The last time many boomers tried to pursue some version of romance was in a Jimmy Carter-era fern bar or disco and when “What’s Your Sign?” was asked non-ironically. Just like millennials, however, boomers today are going online to find that special or reasonably likable person, a much more efficient means of starting a new relationship.”

Without this One Thing Your Relationship Will Fail – The Good Men Project

“Entrepreneur Network is a premium video network providing entertainment, education and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. We provide expertise and opportunities to accelerate brand growth and effectively monetize video and audio content distributed across all digital platforms for the business genre.”g

The Head and the Heart: Getting In-Sync In Love – The Good Men Project

“Is the heart the center of our love force? I think it might be a combo between the head and the heart. The heart (soul) desires and drives towards fulfillment while the head analyses and aims the actions of the person. If either one of them are out of sync, the relationship doesn’t work. The love doesn’t happen. The connection is missed.”