Do You Have Trouble with Intimacy?  – Psychology Today

“This post is not about sexual intimacy. This post won’t help you feel comfortable when your body is naked; it’s about baring your deepest thoughts and feelings knowing you are opening yourself to judgment. Sharing your ideas, fears, and dreams can be frightening in some situations, but it can also be the best thing you can do to strengthen your important relationships. We often confuse the terms “authentic” and “intimate.” Being authentic means to genuinely express who you are with your actions and words. Most of the time, we can tell if someone is faking it whether they are intending to be malicious or just afraid to be themselves. Unhealthy Causes of Unhappy Relationship sometimes is the ’cause of break ups and the reason why people fall out of love”

The Two Words Which Make or Break A Relationship  – Psychology Today

“Do you ever feel betrayed by your partner after yet another heated argument, in spite of the fact that you both agreed not to (insert the below-the-belt behavior that fits) criticize, bring up the past, discuss ex’s, yell, scream, accuse, threaten to leave, etc? If so, this article can help you recognize toxic behavioral patterns, and what to do to reverse them. During conflict couples often engage in, and elicit from their partners, the very behaviors they want to avoid.”

Roadblocks to Intimacy and Trust III  – Psychology Today

“As unpredictable as my mother was, my father was that predictable. He was a devoted father who worked hard and spent all his free time praying and helping neighbors with various plumbing and construction projects around their homes. (My parents emigrated from Ireland each at 18, just weeks before the Depression, then worked at odd jobs, went to school, met, married, and settled eventually in a small bungalow community in Throgs Neck, the Bronx.)  None of the homes were winterized when we moved in, so all the dads gave their weekends to raise a house, add a cellar or bathroom, extend a living room, add sheet rock dividers to separate beds.”

Toxic Relationships? You Deserve Better! – Psychology Today

“Many socially connected people assume they should be able to “fix” a relationship that is falling apart or falling away. Unfortunately, they are taking on way too much responsibility for others, though, if they make that assumption. If you’ve given a failing relationship a fair chance and you have tried to address the issue with the other person, but are just not getting what you need from the relationship, it is absolutely okay to move on.”

Grieving the End of a Relationship – Psychology Today

“The emotional responses to a thorny breakup can resemble the responses to the death of a loved one. You feel weighed down by the memories, the longing, the wistful tears, the chest pain and the aching throughout the whole body. Or you are so outraged that you are lucky not to have a semi-automatic weapon. Or you are ready to go on a secret mission aimed at reversing the terrible outcome.”