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Love and be loved, what keeps love fresh is reminding ourselves when we feel loving.

We can so easily become caught up in demands of the moment that we lose perspective on the bigger picture. Our lives, our souls, our relationships. What is our life about? What do we hope to realize during our years on this earth? Where do our relationships fit into that picture? 

52 Ways to Show I Love You: Look at the Big Picture – Psychology
“Our intimate relationships pose the same challenge. Can we see them close up, with the daily chores, delights, challenges and chatter? As well as from an alternate perspective? Focusing on the other view? How they fit into the larger scheme of our life? Neither is “right” or “wrong”; each has a place and can be welcome in directing the relationship. But sometimes we need to remember the Big Picture.”

52 Ways to Show I Love You: Address the Conflicts – Psychology
“Withdrawal as a method of conflict management in a couple is as effective and risky as withdrawal as a method of birth control: The pleasure of the relationship is profoundly affected in both examples.

Listening Patience – Psychology
“On several occasions, I have observed patients who seemed to be listening when I was talking to them. However, left me doubtful about just how much they actually heard. When my doubt is high, I might solicit a response in order to test my impression.”

Choose Joy for Your Child – Psychology
“Compassion for yourself is about respecting, accepting, and choosing joy for you and your child. Compassion for yourself and your child is easier to act on when we understand what it is not.”

Fighting for Priorities When Marriage is Tough – Fierce Marriage
“Priorities are and will continue to be one of the biggest issues in every marriage. When your priorities are out of whack, it hurts. And when they are in order, everything just feels right. What would you say your ideal priority list looks like?”