The Importance of Clarity In Your Success

The vision for your practice is not just a simple motivator. It should pervade everything you do.

It attracts the best clients.

It gives you energy every day as you walk into the office.

It gives you a sense of accomplishment when you walk out at night.

It helps you decide whether you’re going to take one path or the other.

Your vision is your compass.

When you make vision-based decisions, you don’t just feel good about them. The vision becomes your “source” or your anchor. You won’t typically doubt or second-guess yourself. The hiring and firing decisions, educational choices and the consultants you choose to bring in will all be in alignment with the vision you’ve created.

That is, if you have a strong one.

Without a strong vision, you flounder and end up not quite knowing exactly what you want. Your business never seems to align with you.

As a matter of fact, without a vision, the people in your life—your clients, family members, friends, and especially your office team—will not understand what your ideal even looks like and therefore can’t help you create it.

You are doing a major disservice to your company and everyone involved – including you – if you don’t have a strong vision to guide it.

Go Beyond What You Expect

If you are an orthodontist, you obviously want your patients to have straight teeth. But is that all? Do you just want them to have straight teeth, or do you want them to have such a great experience with your practice that they are referring everybody to you? Wouldn’t you want them to brag about you?

Wouldn’t you want them to advocate for you so passionately that they feel anyone who is not coming to you is crazy?

You don’t want people coming to you based upon price, location or a local ad they saw. You want people to come to you based on the experience you provide. When you have a vision, you can create something much more powerful for you and for your clients.

Murphy Will Visit

Your vision is your anchor not only during the ups, but also when your business isn’t going as well as you’d like. I used to have a mentor who said, “Murphy visits all of us.”

Without the anchor of a vision, when “Murphy” visits your office or your life, it takes three to four times longer to bounce back. With a vision, recovery can happen within days, and in some cases, hours.

Have I beaten this drum loudly enough? This is an area that has been proven over and over again to fail professional practices. The lack of one is the exact reason the culture in your practice is weak or nonexistent. You cannot build an awesome culture without a clear, specific, strong vision.

At this point, I hope you are wondering how to develop a vision like this, or that you’re considering the need to revisit the vision you thought you had.

The reason why so many professional practices don’t focus as much as they should on their vision is because of the work involved. However, the practices that make the effort, change it up and create a specific vision are the memorable ones that clients everywhere freely talk about (a.k.a. promote).